We put people first and take pride in the custom prosthetics-fitting experience you have with us. Our certified, expert prosthetists in Salt Lake City, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, and Idaho focus on delivering the highest quality care and achieving the best clinical outcome for you. If you need a state-of-the-art prosthetic fitting as a Wounded Warrior, diabetes patient, cancer patient, knee replacement surgery patient, or for any other reason, get in touch with Mobility Prosthetics.


On-Site Prosthesis Fitting

At Mobility Prosthetics, our Mobility Care is second-to-none! We currently provide Concierge Customer Service for custom fit prostheses for patients in Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. Whether you’re at the hospital, at home, or in a nursing home facility, we come to you to adjust your prosthesis to serve your needs perfectly—at no additional cost to you.


Advanced Digital Scanning

We replace the old-fashioned techniques with today's faster, cleaner, more accurate 3D prosthetics technology. This prosthetics fitting process enhances the patient experience by 100%.


Computer-Aided Design

For many decades, prosthetics have been designed and built using plaster casts and models. Once a socket has been created in this way, it is often difficult to identify exactly why the finished product does not seem to fit, or it is painful, uncomfortable, or causes damage to a sensitive limb. At Mobility Prosthetics, this scenario can be eliminated with the use of our Computer-Aided Prosthetics Design Software.


custom 3D prosthetics Printing

Mobility Prosthetics is leading the way in the Intermountain Region with the implementation of 3D printing technology for prosthetic sockets. 3D Printing reduces waste and is more environmentally friendly than old-fashioned fabrication methods.