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Putting People First

We put people first and take pride in creating a simple prosthetic experience. Even though we are a prosthetics Provo company, our certified, expert Provo prosthetists will come to you anywhere in Utah County, and will focus on delivering the highest quality care and achieving the best clinical outcome for you. If you are a veteran, diabetes or cancer patient, or surgery patient in need of a state-of-the-art prosthetic limb, please contact our clinic.

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In Home Prosthetic Leg Care in Provo

Our in-home services are second-to-none! We provide concierge customer service for patients in Provo and all of Utah County. Whether you are at home, in the hospital, or in an assisted care facility, we will come to you to adjust your prosthesis—absolutely free of charge. No other Provo prosthetic companies provide this level of service or care.

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Advanced Digital Scanning

We replace old, outdated techniques with the most current technology, including three-dimensional digital scanning and up to date, modern care services in Provo. Our process is quick and simple, enhancing the experience of our patients and ensuring a perfectly fitting, finished prosthetic leg, arm, or hand.

State of the Art Computer-Aided Design

For the last 50 years or so, artificial limbs have created and designed using basic models and plastic casts. These techniques can be inaccurate and often make it very difficult to figure out why it doesn’t fit correctly. This can cause pain, extreme discomfort, or worse yet, damage to the sensitive limb. At our Utah County clinic, using sophisticated computer-aided design software, we eliminate these inaccuracies.

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3D Printing Custom Prosthetics

We are leading the way in the Intermountain Region through the implementation of 3D printing technology for prosthetic limbs. 3D Printing reduces waste and is more environmentally friendly than past fabrication methods used at other clinics.


Our goal as a custom prosthetics company is to get you more comfortable and as mobile as you want to be. Whether it’s a prosthetic arm, prosthetic leg, prosthetic hand, or any other prosthetic limbs, we know that when it just doesn’t quite fit right, it can be extremely uncomfortable and immobilizing. Our in-home prosthetic care, providing 3D printing for custom prosthetics, as well as our use of state of the art computer aided design and advanced digital scanning truly set us apart as the premier company for prosthetics Provo, Utah. If you need a prosthetics Provo specialist, click the button below for your free consultation. You’ll be glad you did!

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