a better fitting prosthesis through Advanced Digital Scanning

Brian Greer and Ty Oswald of Mobility Prosthetics are among the first prosthetists in the Intermountain Region to implement advanced digital scanning and use it exclusively for the production of prosthetic limbs. At Mobility Prosthetics, advanced digital scanning replaces the techniques of yesteryear with today’s faster, cleaner, more accurate prosthetics fitting technology. This technology enhances the patient experience 100%.

Our digital scanner utilizes two high-definition cameras with a powerful processor to take sharp, precise images. The software combines images captured by two cameras and generates a three-dimensional digital object that is highly accurate in size and shape. Advanced digital scanning is also more accurate and replicable than casting or taking measurements with a measuring tape.

Advanced Digital Scanning reduces the time it takes to capture the shape of a residual limb and the stress created by outdated casting procedures and materials. It eliminates the mess of Plaster of Paris and other chemical casting compounds, which require water to activate and often ruin any clothing or furniture they contact. While the old-fashioned method of casting for a prosthesis takes one and a half hours or longer, with the Mobility Digital Scanning method, we can design your prosthetic in less than one minute.

Mobility Digital Scanning is the fastest, cleanest, most accurate, and least invasive topographical data capturing procedure in the prosthetics industry. Whether you’ve got or need a below the knee prosthetic leg or any other type of prosthetic, if you haven’t had your limb scanned with a digital scanner in order to make your prosthesis, this is a procedure that you really need to experience firsthand in order to believe!

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